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Welcome to the Study Index, the place to start to find all past sermon transcripts, audios and videos. On the left, you'll find things sorted based on the biblical book they come from. In the right column you'll find a chronological breakdown as well as a few other subcategories. The "Various Series" are presented here for the quick discovery of topics where two or more sermons were presented on a subject. The "Various Topics" category mainly consistes of topics that are not dealing specifically with a single text of Scripture. "Last Days Studies" is a hot topic for many students of God's Word, and so we have divided out some of the key sermons on various topics and placed them here.

Yearly Bible Reading Schedule - Join us as we set out to stay in the Word, reading it daily/consistently with the intent of completely reading through it at least once a year. We now have two printable plans you can use. One is the yearly plan, guiding you through the whole of God's Word in a one-year period by reading it daily. For the more aggressive reader, the other is a six-month plan that takes you through the Word twice in a year. It is broken down into a 5-days a week reading schedule, giving you the weekend days to "catch up" if need be.

Here are some of the excellent tools we use in our study of Scripture and encourage you to do so too in order to dig deeper into your studies and understanding of Scripture.

Faithlife Study Bible

Study Light


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