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How Shall We Then Live?

Spring 2020 Bible Conference - May 1-3, 2020

Meet Your 2020 Speakers

Daniel Harden

Brian Godawa

Michael Sullivan

Gennadiy Prosyanko

Robert Cruickshank Jr

Cruickshank Jr

Michael Sullivan

Michael Sullivan

Glenn L. Hill

Glenn L. Hill

We welcome to our conference for his first appearance, Brian Godawa. Brian has been a professional writer, award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker. Brian is also an author and international speaker on art, movies, worldviews, and faith. His popular book, Hollywood Worldviews: Watching Films with Wisdom and Discernment, is used as a textbook in schools around the country. His Chronicles series of novels are his most important contribution by incarnating his worldview and theology in narrative unlike anything you've read before.

Returning to us again after his last visit to America in 2018, Gennadiy comes all the way from the Ukraine, where he and his ministry serve the people in need caught in war-torn towns. Providing physical and spiritual bread to the war-front towns, they bring blessings and love to the people.

A member of Berean Bible Church's extended family, we're happy to have Bob back with us this year. Bob's approach to Bible Prophecy combines Ancient Near Eastern themes, Second Temple literature, and the Divine Worldview in an effort unravel clues in the text that might be obscure to us today.

And by now, you are all familiar with Michael Sullivan and Glenn Hill, as they have spoken at our conference many times in the past years. We look forward to another weekend full of engaging, thought-provoking and educational teachings from them and all of our speakers, and a great time of fellowship for all.

*While the official conference begins at the 5:00 check in time Friday night, the pre-conference fellowship fun begins Thursday night for those who come to town early, as we enjoy a meal together at a local restaurant. And again this year we will have an official Friday lunch meal meeting if you have arrived and are available to join us.


Thursday, April 30:

5:30 - Pre-conference meet and greet meal for those arriving early:

Pirate's Cove, 109 J/K Gainsborough Square, Chesapeake, Virginia 23320 - 757-549-7272

NOTE: IF YOU PLAN ON ATTENDING THE THURSDAY MEAL TOGETHER please email with the number of people attending. We need to get a decent headcount so the restaurant will be prepared.

Friday, May 1:

10:30AM - Safe Haven for Preterist Women Meeting

2:00PM - Pre-conference meet and greet luncheon:

Abuelo's Mexican Restaurant - 1712 Ring Rd. Chesapeake - Located on Ring Road at Greenbrier Mall, just outside of Macy's.

5:00 - Official Conference Check In

5:30 - Opening Announcements, Introductions, and Worship Through Song

6:00 - Michael Sullivan - Gleanings in the Book of Revelation Chapters 12-16

Part two of the series looking at an overview of key teachings from Revelation, this part covering chapters 12 through 16. If you missed part one (given on normal Sunday BBC broadcast in Feb 2019), catch up on it HERE.

7:30 - Brian Godawa - The Church and the Arts: Friends or Foes?

A look at the Bible and the nature of creativity. An examination of several worldviews and how they affect the church's view and creation of arts and culture. How the church can overcome its troubled relationship with the arts. The cultural mandate.

8:30 - Pizza and Refreshments

Saturday, May 2:

9:00 - Bob Cruickshank - The Magnitude of the Millennium: The Significance of the Thousand Year Symbol

The popular approaches to the "thousand years" of Revelation 20 posit that the phrase can only be understood as either a literal thousand years, or symbolic of a period even longer than a thousand years. The time constraints of the book of Revelation itself seem to demand a third approach: the "thousand years" is hyperbole for a much shorter period of time. Is there Scriptural precedent for understanding the Bible's usage of numbers in this manner?

10:15 - Glenn Hill - The Truth About Hell

John 3:16, the most famous verse in the Bible is also one of the most misunderstood. It offers not heaven or hell, but life or leath. And life is available ONLY through Jesus.

11:30 - Brian Godawa - Jezebel and the Art of Telling Bible Stories

Uncovering some spiritual truths from the story of Jezebel and Elijah, and how those ideas were incorporated into his novel, Jezebel: Harlot Queen of Israel. Including the Divine Council motif, the gods of Canaan vs. Yahweh, and modern day relevance.

12:30 - Lunch (Provided by BBC)

1:30 - Michael Sullivan - Gleanings in the Book of Revelation Chapters 17-22

The third and final part, looking at an overview of key teachings from Revelation chapters 17 through 22.

2:45 - Bob Cruickshank - The Binding of Satan, the New Exodus, and the Millennium

A look at how the binding of Satan relates to the Second Exodus theme in Scripture, and possible implications this might have for helping us understand the Millennium. Are we still "wandering in the wilderness," or did Yeshua and His first century followers bring us to the promised realities of the New Covenant?

4:00 - Brian Godawa - Chronicles of the Apocalypse: Preterism Not Left Behind

Explaining the power of narrative and storytelling in communicating theology and how he embodied his preterist eschatology in the novel series Chronicles of the Apocalypse.

5:00 - 8:00 - Dinner (On your own - no corporate plans)

8:00 - 10:00 - Fellowship Time

Sunday, May 3:

9:30 - Gennadiy Prosyanko - TBA

Coming soon

11:00 - Morning Worship

11:30 - Glenn Hill - Her Gates Shall Never Be Shut

The picture of the New Jerusalem in Revelation 21 is not a picture of some city in the distant future, but of the Christian's spiritual dwelling place here on earth, NOW!

1:00 - Dismissed

1:30 - Lunch at Black Pelican, 1625 Ring Rd., Chesapeake, VA 23322

Hotel Reservations & Conference Admission


This year we will be again returning to the same location as last year, the Wingate by Wyndham at 817 Greenbrier Cir, Chesapeake, VA 23320. Click the link to see what they have to offer, but we suggest you call them directly to book your room at the discounted group rate of $89, which includes complimentary hot breakfast. Call 757-531-7777, tell them you are coming for the conference and give them the special discount code BBC. If any issues, ask for Tom Burns.

Conference admission is $60 per single registrant, married couple (or two immediate family members) is $100, and a family rate for one or two adults and any number of children under 18 living at home, is $140. Unfortunately we cannot offer any child care during the conference.

In order to assist us in properly registering and making name tags for each attendee, please fill in the first names of each (include last name if different than registering account name).

Conference Admission
Name of each adult attendee


If you missed the past conferences — buy the DVD/MP3 editions HERE

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