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How Shall We Then Live - 2019 Bible Conference

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The April 2019 Bible Conference media options are getting a download of the lectures in MP3 format (download link will be emailed within 24 hours after purchase usually), or grab the DVD set to watch the lectures.

Lectures include:

Bob Cruickshank, Jr

  • Identifying Christ's Enemies in 1 Corinthians 15:24-26
  • Are there still enemies of Christ on Earth today? If so, how can we claim the Parousia has occurred?
  • Identifying the Sea Beast of Revelation 13
  • If the Beast was vanquished at the Parousia in AD 70 (Rev 19), and Nero died in AD 68, how is it possible that Nero was the Beast?

Dan Harden

  • Common Preterist Misconceptions
  • Taking a look at common errors often heard when talking about Preterism, including both the misconception that Preterists have it all figured out as well as grammatical clarifications that all Preterists should be aware of. In addition, a caution regarding proper interpretive practices regarding language and audience relevance.
  • 2 Cor. 4-5: Vessels, Tents, Houses, and the Clothing Promised to the Saints
  • Examining the language used in 2 Cor. 4-5 in an attempt to get into the mind of the Corinthian audience. How can WE understand what Paul is trying to say if we don't first know how the Corinthian audience would have understood Paul's words?

Michael Sullivan

  • Dealing with Objections to Full Preterism
  • We will examine the various ways Futurism seeks to negate literal imminence of the Second Coming and that of our Lord's spiritual Kingdom arriving in AD 70.
  • The "One" New Covenant Baptism of the Spirit
  • It is crucial to understand what OT passages predicted New Covenant baptism and how they and the NT writers said they would be fulfilled. Paul knew of only "one baptism" (Ephs. 4:4-5/1 Cor. 12:13) and it was performed w/out hands and in the passive voice. What are the implications of this view to the Church of Christ denomination - which teaches a physical covenant / ritual justification "gospel"?

Glenn L. Hill

  • The New Heaven and Earth Part I
  • A heaven and an earth make a world, a place to live. In the beginning God created a heaven and an earth and they made a world in which Adam and Eve could live. Centuries later he created another heaven and earth, a special place for Israel to live. Part I endeavors to help us understand Israel's special heaven and earth and lays the ground work for Part II
  • The New Heaven and Earth Part II
  • Hopefully, this sermon will help us to understand exactly what world was created when God made The New Heavens and Earth and the difference between the old heaven and earth that God created for Israel and the new one He created for us today.

David B. Curtis

  • Restoring The Tabernacle of David
  • What is David's Tabernacle and how was it to be restored?

Jeffrey T. McCormack

  • Preterism's Great Dilemma
  • There is a very important issue within preterism today that will continue to hinder its growth and acceptance until dealt with adequately.
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