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How Shall We Then Live - 2012 Bible Conference

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The April 2012 Bible Conference was a blessing to all who attended. You can relive a piece of that blessing by getting a download of the lectures in MP3 format (download link will be emailed within 24 hours after purchase usually), or grab the DVD set to watch the lectures. The DVD set also comes with the MP3 disc as a bonus, so you can listen or watch the event.

Lectures include:

Glenn Hill

  • How To Share The Preterist View
  • Loving One Another In The Kingdom

David Curtis

  • Why Does Preterism Matter?
  • Caring For The New Creation

Don K. Preston

  • Ethics and Morality in the New Creation (Post AD 70)
  • Evangelism in the New Heaven and Earth--Un-Necessary or On-Going?
  • Is the Sermon on the Mount the Constitution for Kingdom Living Today?

Rich Nemec

  • Today You Will Be with Me in Paradise
  • Wise as Serpents, Innocent as Doves

Jeff McCormack

  • Restoring the Full Gospel Message
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