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How Shall We Then Live?

Spring 2015 Bible Conference - April 24th-26th

Meet Your 2015 Speakers
Glenn L. Hill
Glenn L. Hill
You have heard him the times he filled the pulpit at Berean Bible Church, and he has spoken at all previous conferences. Glenn is a retired pastor and author of the critically accplaimed Christianity's Great Dilemma.
Alan Bondar
Alan Bondar
He is the founder and pastor of New Covenant Eyes Church in Fort Myers, FL. He is also the author of Reading the Bible Through New Covenant Eyes.
David Boone
David Boone
Previously he has served as a Youth Pastor and a full time Associate Pastor, and currently is the pastor of New Covenant Fellowship in Georgetown, TX. He is also currently attending Austin Graduate School of Theology.
David B. Curtis
David B. Curtis
He founded Berean Bible Church in 1997 and provides a "home church" for many worldwide through the live internet ministry. He hosts this conference specifically to bring people together "in the flesh" for great fellowship.
Jeffrey T. McCormack
Jeffrey T. McCormack
Former owner of the Apologia Book Shoppe, he is a web and graphic designer, musician, blogger, and avid reader who attends Berean Bible Church and works to keep their website up to date.

Check Back! Additional details will be added as they fall into place.

While the official conference begins at the 5:00 check in time Friday night, the pre-conference fellowship fun begins Thursday night for those who come to town early, as we enjoy a meal together at a local restaurant. And this year, we have added an official Fri. lunch meal meeting if you are available to join us. Iteneray still in shuffle mode, so speech times are subject to change.


Thursday, April 23:

5:30 - Pre-conference meet and greet meal: (Details coming)

Friday, April 24:

10:30AM - Safe Haven for Preterist Women Meeting

1:00PM - Pre-conference meet and greet luncheon: (Details coming)

5:00 - Official Conference Check In

5:30 - Opening Announcements, Introductions, and Worship Through Song

6:00 - David Curtis - TBA

7:30 - David Boone - The Kingdom: The Inheritance of the Saints

Taking a look at the progression of the story of Israel noting Paul's language about the Law/OC as the paidagogos during Israel's childhood (Gal 3) and then reaching his maturity in the 1st century ready to receive the inheritance as heirs (Gal 4, Eph 1:14), noting also the types & shadows connection between the Promised Land as the type of the inheritance (Josh 13-19) and the kingdom as the antitype (Matt 25:34).

Saturday, April 25:

9:00 - Jeff McCormack - The Book of Enoch & the New Testament

10:30 - Glenn Hill - Jesus' Use of Gehenna

Jesus is recorded as having used the Greek word, Gehenna, several times in the New Testament. In all of those instances the KJV translators translated Gehenna into our word, hell. In Christianity, hell is that place of fiery torture where all of the people, who die without Christ, will spend eternity burning, screaming, and suffering unimaginable agony and pain for all eternity, without ever dying or ever escaping. Is this what Jesus was thinking about and what He was speaking about when He used the word, Gehenna? I do not think so! And if not, then what was on our Lord's mind and of what was He warning His people?

11:30 - 1:30 - Lunch

1:30 - Praise and Worship

2:00 - David Boone - What the Hell?

An examination of the traditional doctrine of Hell in light of and through the same hermeneutical principles that led us to Preterism (word studies, audience relevance, context, cultural analysis, genre analysis, etc.).

3:15 - Alan Bondar - The Resurrection of the Body

1 Corinthians 15 has been a major text in the controversy over the resurrection. The popular view is that Paul taught a resurrection of our physical bodies. In this lecture, we'll take a closer look at this chapter to see what Paul was actually teaching.

4:30 - Jeff McCormack - TBA

5:30-7:30 - Dinner

7:30 - Praise and Worship

8:00 - Question & Answer/Fellowship Time

Sunday, April 26:

9:00 - Alan Bondar - The Typology of Jacob

How do the promises given to Abraham apply to us today? The answer to this question is found in the typology of Jacob. We'll learn why Jacob's role in the story is crucial to understanding the application of fulfilled eschatology.

10:30 - Morning Worship

11:00 - David Curtis - TBA

1:00 - Dismissed

1:30 - Lunch


NEW LOCATION: Unlike the previous years, the conference this year will be held at the Wingate by Wyndham at 817 Greenbrier Cir, Chesapeake, VA 23320. Click the link to see what they have to offer, but we suggest you call them directly to book your room at the discounted group rate of $79.95, which includes complimentary hot breakfast. Call 757-531-7777, tell them you are coming for the conference and give them the special discount code BBC.

Conference admission is $45 per single registrant, married couples ($70), and a family rate for one or two adults and any number of children under 18 living at home. Unfortunately we cannot offer any child care during the conference.

In order to assist us in properly registering and making name tags for each attendee, please fill in the first names of each (include last name if different than registering account name). Please be sure to include your mailing address when registering.

Conference Admission
Name of each adult attendee

Missed the Past Conferences? Buy the DVD/MP3 editions HERE

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